Lifestyle and Sunset Mentoring

Learn everything from start to finish. Indoors and out.

Lifestyle mentoring

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work and consider an intimate mentoring session. Find a friend, fill out the form below and we will schedule a two day 2:1 class tailored to fit your needs where you and I pick our date! OR if you want to schedule a 1:1, just fill out the form and we’ll create a workshop experience to fit your needs! We can focus on what you need to work on – either lifestyle, in- studio, sunset or everything! My NEW Create Your Own ELP Workshop Experience is all about YOU!  We will learn everything from start to finish. Everything business, shooting, editing and more. +Must live and work 60 miles from 63038

+Note, sunset sessions are for 2 day only as we do them at the end.

All pricing below is for mentoring in Wildwood, MO, near my studio. If you would like me to travel to you to learn in YOUR studio, it’s the same pricing plus travel expenses.


1 day mentoring: 

2:1  $1500 (per person)

1:1   $1800

2 day mentoring: (lifestyle and sunset)

2:1  $2000 (per person)

1:1  $2400

Sunset mentoring