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Twin Birth : St. Louis twin newborn photographer



st louis newborn photography

Oh my was I thrilled when my beautiful client asked if I wanted to photograph her birth. I honestly let her know I had never photographed one before, but had always wanted to. She let me know, she’d found me through a friend who had liked me on Facebook, started following me, and the minute I announced and had made but had ONE post up stating I was moving to St. Louis, she booked me.  I can officially say she is my FIRST St. Louis client 🙂  So  I just had this feeling I’d love her. Well…that’s an understatement.

We had her maternity session around 8 months, EARLY 8 months. BECAUSE, normal moms, such as myself, will be huge by 8 months. So with TWINS, naturally you get even bigger. Yeah no. Not my new found friend A. She was meant to birth babies, apparently 🙂  See her maternity shoot here.

So mom and I became super close through all of this. I do will all of my clients, but super so with miss A.  She thought she was in labor a ton of times (was actually and had to have her labor stopped. Many prayers throughout many weeks).  Babies just needed to grow a bit more on their own in their mommy, so I was thrilled her amazing doctors were able to stop labor a bit.

Let’s talk about doctors.  Personally, my OBGYN in Chicago got me though 2 MAJORLY difficult times.  I won’t go into details, but I owe her mine and my child’s life.  When I moved to St. Louis I was petrified of finding someone I loved as much as I did my doctor in Evanston. If you are in Chicago, email me I’ll happily give her name to you all. She truly is one amazing person.  I actually asked my hubby if we can keep seeing her until I give birth in St. Louis. I love her that much. Well, A., your OBGYN is the same way.  I now know why. Her doctor was there, was in charge, was calm and collected, knew what she was doing and was cool on top of it :). Unlike everyone else in the OR (giving birth to twins, one totally breech, both preemies) I am sure simple photographers like myself are frowned upon 🙂  I worked in the NICU doing feeing therapy, cognitive evals, etc.,  prior to my photographer gig, I get it.  Appreciate it actually. Still paying off student loans from my Masters degree. But I was now given many obstacles as a photographer I had not ever been given. To be given them with TWO babies, in the OR, with like 25 doctors, was even MORE of a challenge. First birth. Twins. Breech. OR, Premies. Amazing.  But. A’s doctor, totally agreed with me being there, it was beyond so amazing, and at the end….I hired her. Yep. Weird I know. I asked her to be my doctor. The end.

Now Dr. E., if you are reading this, you know how much I love you. I will come visit just to give you hugs. You sacrificing yourself away from your family like you always do, is not unnoticed. It’s not unappreciated. Give Dr. V. a huge hug for allowing you to be such a special person to people like me.  With all the crazy and sad stuff I had to go through, as scared as I was, I was not scared having you on my side. I owe you everything.  Must be because you were trained in St. Louis! haha 🙂 xoxo

{ (Her video with all her pics are at the bottom!) Keep reading or scroll down to see 🙂 }

Ok enough about me, onto this AMAZING birth!  Miss A. had two babies inside of her. Funny story. She has two boys. Her oldest son prayed for FOUR months prior to his mama getting preggo that she would have twins. Twins run the family, but she had never been touched by the twin fairy yet. He had them named and everything. Molly and Polly. Yep. Not a joke. He honestlty prayed for these babies, named them before conception even happened. Well….. he rocks. Plus, when he’s older, now mom and dad have an out on who’s fault it was they have 4 beautiful children 🙂

Little did he know his prayers would come true.  Mom was blessed with twin babies, one of each sex.   So now, her new baby girl will have THREE brothers to look after her. How awesome is that.

St louis birth photography

A. called me that am to let me know she thought this was it. She was in labor. We had been through this before and they ended up stopping labor. I was hanging in the parking lot because I would NOT miss it. Well, they sent her home.  This time, she was 36 weeks and 6 days preggo. Just in the preemie shy stage.  So with all twins, birth had to happen in the OR.  For sure hers as her little girl was totally breech. Up top, hanging out in her ribs. 🙂

Mom called me and told me it would be a bit as her progression was going slow. I had this WEIRD feeling around 4pm. This feeling she was going to call me. So I hopped in the car, camera in hand, went to get gas, and she called me on the way. “Emily, I’m at 7cm and I think you need to come as soon as you can”.  A., and I had a plan to photograph her in labor, getting wheeled off, the clock, the standard cheezy shots you see. Well…..THAT didn’t happen! I get to the hospital not even TEN minutes later, and they grab my lens bag, throw a gown on me, a hat, a mask, make me wash my hands and shove me in the OR. Yep. She was about to push. WHAT!!!!!!  For REAL!!! 10 minutes from 7cm to PUSHING! Any women out there can dislike her for a second. So I walk into the OR. Holy MOLY! Doctors EVERYWHERE! The Anesthesiologist was not exactly happy I was there, actually kinda hip-checking me out of the way. There was VERY little room for me to get a visual. I’m only 5’6. Way different than a non OR birth. I snuck in where I could without getting in trouble. Half the room was sterile just incase. The other half was full of docs to prepare for the worst, the top of the room was THE anesthesiologist. So I had about a foot  or room UNDER all her wires:).  Now of COURSE her safety is first. So I’m actually HAPPY they were so into me getting out, HOWEVER….my FIRST birth….c’mon peeps 🙂  Haha.  It worked out. Praise God.

{(Her video with all her pics are at the bottom!) Keep reading or scroll down to see :)}


The little man came out first.  He weighed in a 6 lbs 2 oz. Yep, Not small. He had a hard time breathing so they worked on getting him to breathe. CPAP for a bit, then just oxygen, then eventually he went to nothing.  They explained it to me as his lungs were just not totally disposed of the fluid that normally happens in the birth canal coming out. Mom was worried as all heck. Quiet. Constantly asking about him. We all assured her he was perfect, just concentrate on your baby girl.  Having worked in the NICU as a speech pathologist/feeding breathing specialist, I got it. I was not worried.  I knew deep down he would be fine super soon.  We were all nervous for quite a long time, but by the time his sister arrived, he was pretty much good to go.  No NICU needed.  Breathing was figured out. Check.

wildwood newborn photographer

I’m not kidding when I tell you they came out SUPER fast. Dad and I were over checking out out the little man, making sure he was ok, etc., and turned around literally in 60 seconds and out came little miss!!! They had to pull her out feet first as she was breech and was NOT waiting, but she was AMAZING! Wait until you see the photos of her smiling! Just after she was born by being pull out by her feet! Who is that happy…for real. She is amazing. Her brother is amazing. The entire family is amazing. That being said, I did not post one of her coming out. It was pretty hard to see and I will keep that private for the family. She did amazing and is TOTALLY perfect.

Go figure, she didn’t need any help. She was 5 lbs 5 oz and super strong. Her brother needed more help to get going, so when you see tons of pics of her it’s because we were letting the docs get her brother strong. By the time mom was prepped to go back to the room, he was breathing on his own. Truly a miracle. Love them all.


I hope you enjoy.



Ashley Harrison Birth Shoot from Emily Lucarz Photography on Vimeo.


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You have all enjoyed her story. Please stay tuned for her newborn shoot. If you are not in love already, you will be REALLY soon.


Emily is a birth, newborn, maternity, child and family photographer located in St. Louis, MO. Her family recently relocated there from the Chicagoland area. She is available for travel, just contact her for details!

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  1. Ashley Desjarlais says:

    That was such a lovely video.
    You truly captured the essence of what it means to be a family.
    Thankyou for that wonderful video 🙂

  2. Hayley says:

    What amazing photographs and memories. I would never had thought to ask a photographer into the labour, but after seeing those pictures, I want to do it too! Amazing shots xx

  3. Amazing photos!!! Very emotional and beautiful! I wanted to know what that song was playing!? It was perfect!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    This is perfection. Almost crying watching it. Perfect song. Man, oh man. Memories of the birth of my sweet girl. So tasteful. You made it look SO beautiful… and we all know making a hospital look beautiful is nearly impossible.

    Emotion captured PERFECTLY. Loving this video stuff, girl. Keep it up!

  5. ashlyn says:

    This was beautiful. Brought me to tears. I have my own liitle boy on his way. It kust makes me so happy and excited to see a happy loving family. I cant wait to hold my baby boy. And I cant wait to see more of your work with this family.

  6. Alaina says:

    Great job! You captured some moments and such a beautiful family

  7. Alicia Peterson says:

    What a special blessing for Ashley and Nathan!! You did a great job Emily of capturing the moments they want to remember! Wish we could have done that many years ago when we had our girls. I’m sure many others will want to do this with their babies birthing day too! Also thanks to Ashley for letting you share it with us!

  8. Alaina says:

    Great job! You captured such sweet moments and they are a beautiful family.

  9. Severine says:

    Beautiful, what an amazing first experience for you!
    Can’t wait to see more of your great work, and congratulations to the family.

  10. Pam says:

    What an amazing and beautiful job you did capturing this momentous occasion for such a beautiful family. They’re very lucky to have found you! You do amazing work!

  11. Kate Halsey says:

    THis is such a sweet twin video I am due in about 9 weeks with identical twin girls. Love your work:)


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