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Staying Organized in 2016 with Iris Works



There is a reason Iris Works has it’s title. It really does WORK.  As many of you know, Kenny joined my team last year to help run the business. I needed help with my email, finances, reminders, to- do lists, daily client workflow stuff, etc.  I was spending around 30 hours a week JUST on business related tasks.  Not including editing, blogging, mentoring, markeeting or shooting.  So all the stuff that was so not fun and so not me.  When Kenny joined I had just started to use Iris.  The problem was, I had not had time to use the program as it was meant to be used. It’s meant to actually DO things for you HA! Imagine that.  Since Kenny has been using Iris now for months, he is using as he should.

Here is now how our week goes.  On average we get about 20 inquiries a week, give or take a few.  When one of those inquires comes in, we put their information in the “leads” section.

Iris Works This gives us a way to automatically get those inquires into Iris, so when it’s time to convert them into a client, we have their info ready.  When they become a client, we have a “workflow” attached to them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.02.13 AM

Say Sally Sue wanted to book a newborn session.  We then attached a newborn workflow to her name and hit “enter.” Guess what happens? She gets a questionnaire which contains all we wish to know from her, INCLUDING her name, address etc.  All of this get automatically attached to her file.  See? We did not even have to enter a THING! She will also receive her online contract, which, when she signs, gets put into her file.

Iris Works

Then Kenny will send over an invoice for her session fee. You get the choice on the invoice to allow them to pay through PayPal, a Credit Card, OR you can tell them to simply mail a check. When that invoice gets paid, you go into their online file, click paid, and it gets stored in their file! ALSO, they get a receipt! Easy peasy.

Iris Works

Other things on our workflow include things like, “reminder emails”. These you can set up to your liking. I personally have an email going out 1 month prior to when the baby is supposed to arrive, wishing them a fabulous birth and reminding them of the things we talked about to get ready for their big photo day.  You can also set up auto thank you notes, or simply put that in your to do section at the time of booking, so you can send a thank you out.

You see, not only is Kenny using a system for our business that is easy, he now can pick the kids up from school at 3, and we can see each other as a family again.


Thank you Iris WORKS for simplifying our life.  Like to learn more about Iris works? Click HERE to signup for a FREE month!!!!  May as well try for fun to see how it works.  Get it….. “it works” hahahaha/ 🙂  I promise you. Its HANDS DOWN the BEST decision I have done for my business.  Kenny agrees 🙂  Also, make sure to join the Iris Works Facebook group after you sign up for your trial HERE.  This is where you can learn cool trips and tricks from everyone invoiced in the program!




BONUS! Want to see a SUPER fun thing inside Iris Works?  You can pinpoint where you shoot so you remember all of those hidden places you visit! Make notes! it has helped me tremendously!  PLUS… you can send the EXACT location to your clients! EEEp! No more crazy, “ok turn on the dirt road, when you see a cow make a right, and park by the big sign that says “do not enter” hahahahaa 🙂

Seriously. Love. This. Program.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.14.05 AM

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